Bali x Sherman Tank 2019 Winter Litter

Sherman Tank



" Sherman Tank von Schraderhaus "   


Pure DDR/East German Pedigree

Hips OFA Good & Elbows Normal

V Lux vom Kameruner Eck, 



Ittiana von Schraderhaus  


Pure East German Litter


A Pure East German Litter,  

Bali was imported for our kennel from Germany and has become an important addition to our breeding program.  

Combining the pedigree with that of Sherman Tank, 

we anticipate pups to be upper medium drive,  to have good protective qualities and be a good judge of character in the people they meet... 

They will have excellent scenting abilities and be suitable for a wide range of working venues including canine nosework, SAR, herding, competitive obedience and agility 

as well as many other  active working venues.  

Males will be well suited to experienced handlers who are familiar with training  of strong temperament working males. 


Litter Anticipated Winter 2019


Until Pregnancy confirmed

Bali von der Burg Stolpen



  "V" Bali von der Burg Stolpen  

BH, AD, IPO1, KKL1, 

 Hips A1 -ED Normal  

Daughter of 

V Kosta vom Haus Iris


V Alfy aus dem Schmetterholz-Rudel 

Bali is Granddaughter 

of our DDR Male, 

V Lord von den Grauen von Monstab, SCH3, KKL1, A1 / ED Normal