Schraderhaus K9 ~~~ Working-line German Shepherd Dogs

Schraderhaus K9 ~~~ Working-line German Shepherd Dogs

Schraderhaus K9 ~~~ Working-line German Shepherd Dogs Schraderhaus K9 ~~~ Working-line German Shepherd Dogs Schraderhaus K9 ~~~ Working-line German Shepherd Dogs

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Upcoming Litters

We are a German Shepherd Dog Breeder, focusing strictly on working line dogs who produce excellent and healthy offspring for our clients.
Our dogs descend from the much sought after lines of Pure East German pedigrees,  
Czech Border Patrol Working lines,
as well as excellent and proven
West German working line dogs.
We are proud to utilize these animals
in our breeding program.   

Upcoming Litters

New Litter Postings

Upcoming Litters

We anticipate several Pure DDR Litters to be born at our facility this early summer and early fall.  We also anticipate a few litters of select working line pups from our Czech & West working line parents as well.  

It is highly recommended that you contact us well ahead of the litter due dates, to discuss the litter that most suits your needs so that you are able to get a deposit in place. Once our litters arrive, most pups have been fully reserved.  

New Litter Postings

New Litter Postings

Customer Testimonials

Visit our New Litter Postings page for information on our newly bred females,   our litters that have arrived, and for viewing updates of our puppy photos as the pups grow and prepare to go to their new homes. 

This page will also include updates on

 those litters that may have German Shepherd puppies currently available.

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Click to view testimonials
of our previous
Schraderhaus K9 Puppy owners,
along with photos provided
by our doting clients,  as our pups
grow and mature in their new homes.  

We have pups shown on this page

 from many years back, and it's fun to see how they change from puppy hood into 

an adult dog,  and to learn what  

 owners have done with their 

Schraderhaus K9 Dogs.

Dogs for Adoption

Customer Testimonials

Answers to our FAQs

Visit our Adoption Page
for our available retiring females
from our breeding program, as well as  young adults that may become available.

When our breeding females are ready 

to be retiring they are spayed

 and placed into approved forever homes. 

There is a small adoption fee of $300.00. 

Answers to our FAQs

Customer Testimonials

Answers to our FAQs

We take great pride in matching 

our pups to fit with the goals

 of our prospective puppy owners.  

The potential breeding pairs 

utilized within our program are health

 tested and hip & elbow certified 

for genetic health. 

Owners must take a role with their pups 

to ensure they grow to their genetic 

potential of health as pertains to the 

pup's bone/joint health.  Read more..

Meet Our Schraderhaus Dogs


View Our MALES

The link below will take you to our Main Schraderhaus K9 Site... On this link you will find information on our Stud Dogs that we utilize in our breeding program.  in addition to the studs we house at our facility, we also have a large stock of stored, frozen semen from our late males, as well as frozen semen collected and stored from many of our favorite offspring which are kept for production of our future Litters.

**Click on the individual photos of our males, which will take you to each of their individual pages on our website. 


View our FEMALES

The link below will take you to our Main Schraderhaus K9 Site... On this link you will find information on our breeding females as well as our upcoming young females that will be utilized in our program, once they become fully grown,  have matured and have reached  breeding age.  ALL our breeding animals are first health certified, hips and elbows are xrayed, and all have received passing certification from OFA.    
**Click on the individual photos of our females,
which will take you to each of their individual pages on our website.   


Older Available Schraderhaus Puppies

 View Our older available puppies and young adults (when available).    Rarely do we have young adult pups available,
as most of our pups  are sold by the time litters are born.    
Please click the link below  to view our available pups and
our new litter arrivals.        

Title Options for Full Registration Upgrade

Title Options for Full Registration Upgrade

Title Options for Full Registration Upgrade

  Title Requirement Options for Full Registration Upgrade:   

Choose  the Title Option Combination for fulfilling your Limited Registration requirements in order to be eligible for 

Upgrade to FULL Registration status, on our 

Schraderhaus Pups that have been purchased 

Choose from the Title combination options listed below, 

as Required...
(See your contract for more details pertaining to
Limited vs Full Registration. )    

Dogs for SALE

Title Options for Full Registration Upgrade

Title Options for Full Registration Upgrade

 Click to view information
on young adults or
retiring females that we
may have available now
or in the near future.

Check List before puppy comes home

Check List before puppy comes home

Check List before puppy comes home

  1. Your life will become suddenly get all supplies you will need for the puppy BEFORE you are on your way home with your new pup!  
  2. Purchase a Plastic airline approved crate,  large enough for him to sit, stand & lie down comfortably.  Teach him to learn to be contained in it without crying and tearing at the door.  I recommend one for the house, and one for the car.  In an emergency it is helpful when they are accustomed to being contained. 
  3. Have a secure and safely fenced yard for your pup. 
  4. Purchase and have on hand the kibble we recommend that you feed your pup... Check well ahead on this and have it at home for the pup when you arrive so there will not be a change of diet for your pup.  
  5. Make sure your toys are puppy safe; not too soft or pup can chew it up and eat it..yet not so hard that he doesn't want to play with it.  
  6. Be careful of what toy you leave with the pup in his crate overnight.  Make sure it is not something he can ingest... squeakers, soft fuzzy toys, blankets etc are not good for alone time when you are not there to observe whether the toy or blanket will stand up to his bored interest or roughness.  
  7. Be aware of a "toy" that presents a choking hazard.  ROCKS are in this category.
  8. No toys or food made in China for your pups!  

Suplements we use and recommend

Check List before puppy comes home

Check List before puppy comes home

MSM supplies biologically active sulfur to animals' 

tendons and joints. A natural anti-inflammatory,  

MSM has been shown to reduce the rigidity

 of cells in the soft tissues of the body.

 By reducing this rigidity, fluids are able to 

passmore freely from the cell and this 

helps to reduce cell pressure and discomfort.

Glucosamine provides the joints with the 

building blocks needed for good health..

Glucosamine helps animals synthesize new 

cartilage which have been compromised 

  by wear and tear.  Much discomfort can happen 

in the Hip and joint when normal wear and tear

 break down the dog's cartilage.

Chondroitin sustains the fluid within your dog's

cartilage tissue, helping to lubricate joints 

 and increase mobility. 

Chondroitin neutralizes the destructive enzymes

 that are known to damage and destroy cartilage.  Chondroitin  aids the entry and absorption of

  Glucosamine which is the building block of healthy joints.

Vitamin C plays a vital role by supporting immune

 function, helping white blood cells function normally, 

promoting cartilage growth and tissue repair. 

Aging dogs may especially benefit as they age and 

become less proficient at producing their own supply 

of vitamin C

The Art of Training a Dog Owner

Before you buy that cute little doggie...

  • Dog owner tells me: Hi, my dog pulls on the leash and runs into the woods after deer if I let it off leash.
  • Me: Okay. What's the breed?
  • Owner: A siberian husky mixed with a coon hound.
  • Me: Okay, so you have a musher mixed with a hunting type of dog?
  • Owner: yes.
  • Me: ok, what are these breeds bred to do?
  • Owner: well, half of the dog should be pulling and the other half run into the woods and hunt.
  • Me: Yes. And your problem was?
  • Owner: it pulls on the leash and runs after wildlife.
  • Me: yea, it appears that you have a dog meant for pulling and hunting.
  • Owner: yes, that's correct. Can you train it out of the dog?
  • Me: Do you have any interests?
  • Owner: Eh, yea sure I do. I like to paint and watch movies.
  • Me: can you consider quitting doing that?
  • Owner: no, I don't think I can. But what does this have to do with dog training?
  • Me: would you consider doing something else that gives you the same pleasure you get from painting and watching movies?
  • Owner: I mean, sure I can do other things but it's not as fun.
  • Me: ok. And what can you offer a musher that is more fun than pulling and a hunting dog that is more fun than hunting?
  • The dog owner is silent for a while.
    Owner: That's a good question. I don't know.
  • Me: neither do I.
  • Owner: perhaps I should had gotten myself a PlayStation?
  • Me: haha, yea if you don't like hunting or being a lot outdoors training perhaps this dog isn't for you.
  • Owner: yea, one should perhaps read up more before getting a dog. But it's awfully cute!
  • Me: yes, I understand that.
  • Owner : it sheds a lot too. My husband goes crazy of all the fur everywhere.
  • Me: mmm, that's something you have to deal with.
  • Owner : yes, it was even hairs in the stew last night.
  • Me: yea that's not uncommon.
  • Owner : but you know what? I met a husky when I was 12. It was so beautiful. Ever since I've always wanted one.
  • Me: too bad you didn't meet a PlayStation instead.
  • Owner laughs: alright, I think I'm starting to understand that it's not the dog that has problems but me.
  • Me: haha, not much of a "problem". What you are saying is very common. People with guarding dogs get angry when their dog growls at strangers. People with sighthounds gets frustrated when their dog comes home with a baby rabbit. People often know too little when they get a dog.
  • Owner : thanks for the chat. I have learned a lot in 10 minutes.
  • Me: good luck in the future. There's a lot we can do to help you in your training with the dog. But The dog will always have a need and joy to pull and hunt.
  • Owner: yes, I can understand that now."
  • Author unknown.


View our FULL Schraderhaus K9 Website


Click to view our full website, and to learn much more about German Shepherd Dogs from the information that we have compiled for educating our puppy clients over these past many years.

**NOTE: Please bookmark our new site,
as we do not have a link back
from our Full site. 

About Us

Working-Line German Shepherd Dog Breeder


   We are a privately owned and operated kennel located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest Region.  Our facility is 

located on the outskirts of the foothills of Mount  Rainier, bordering the rural towns of Roy/Graham - (Click here for Map & Directions)

where we have lived since 1977.  Our Primary Focus is on producing beautiful and healthy dogs with structurally sound and solid 

working body type;  dogs that possess and exhibit good temperament along with balanced working drives, thereby producing offspring

 who are also a pleasure to live with.   We have only working lines... No West German Show lines, and no American Lines. 

Correct working body structure along with soundness of mind are extremely important within our breeding program,
with our goal being to produce offspring with the same solid qualities so evident in the breeding stock we choose 

to mate together.   Sound hips and elbows, structural health, keen intelligence, steadfast loyalty and superior working ability are qualities 

equally important within our breeding program.  Selecting correct, healthy working conformation coupled with keeping an eye towards beauty, while never breeding for the sake of looks alone, continues to produce dogs from our kennel which possess the correct balance

 in drives and which are also pleasing to look at.  We will not sacrifice these goals simply to produce high-drive, overly aggressive dogs.  

   Our breeding stock consists of the bloodlines of precious old working foundation lines from the countries of Germany,
Czech Republic, and Slovakia.  We take great care to insure that our breeding stock is certified clear of Hip and Elbow Dysplasia.  Our dogs are descendants of the most influential and sought after old foundation bloodlines and working lineage from East Germany ;  such as the great Lord vom Gleisdreieck, Jeff vom Flämings-Sand, Sven Grafental, Held Ritterberg,  Ingo V. Rudingen and Don v. Rolandsteich, 

and from Slovakia, 6 time World Team Competitor, Norbo Ben Ju..and many additional well known, great producers 

that have contributed to the well loved traits of the true working lines.   

Our breeding females possess heritage from the genetic history of the best known and most highly sought after 

and proven working bloodlines for East German and Czech/Slovak pedigrees; Bero v Friedersdorfer Fleur,

 Lido and Chery Jamirex, Figa Cega, Grim z Pohraniční stráže,  Iwo v.d. Buschecke, and especially noteworthy...

the wonderful foundation lines from which the Czech working dogs originated: the famous and well known Czech kennels 

of  Pohraniční stráže, Jipo Me and Jirkova dvora.

   We incorporate the very best quality breeding females into our program; those which are known to possess warm temperaments and are 

caring and nurturing mothers, who are substantial in bone and body type and who are also known to possess strong genotype,  proven 

to be consistent in passing on these qualities.   Our dogs are clear in the mind, and have balanced working drives with sound nerves.  

These qualities, which have long been part of the breed standard as requirements for the German Shepherd Dog, are exactly the qualities 

that we look for in our breeding dogs.  By doing so, our dogs have proven to consistently pass these qualities along into their progeny.


IPO Sport, SAR / Scent work, Home Companions

Our focus is placed heavily on producing pups for scent work, for use in SAR and canine nosework as well as other scenting specialties new to the working field such as sniffing out bed bugs, truffles and antler sheds.  Herding instinct is very strong in our lines, as is demonstrating a normal balance of suspicion for providing good family 

and home protection . 


Bred for Intelligence..Temperament..Health..Beauty

Our dogs are highly intelligent and devoted to their owners.  We look for parents that are well balanced with good work ethic to produce offspring who are biddable 

and  will take quickly to understanding your concept of training them in obedience and many other working venues..  Early socializing and ongoing training are an important aspect of raising a confident well adjusted pup. 

Facts for visits

Visits for Schraderhaus Clients

Schraderhaus K9

817 286th St. E. Roy, WA 98580 USA

253-843-1123 Due e to the requirements of our insurance policy we will no longer be able to offer kennel tours. Our policy states that any person(s) on our property should be there solely for “puppy pickups and dog sales only”.

Your Chosen Pup's Sire & Dam

Visits to view your pup's prospective sire and dam is by appointment only and during the months of fair and dry weather.  This is usually during the months of May thru September.  We schedule arrival times for visits between the hours beginning from            1:00 PM thru 6:00 PM.                   
Visits outside these months are sometimes granted,... 

schedule and weather permitting.