Yiska x Zamborro G Litter

Zamborro v Schraderhaus



Zamborro von Schraderhaus 

Hips OFA Good / ED Normal, DM Clear 

Son of 

 V Gero vom Wartenberg SCH1


  V Tina von der Feuersäule, SCH1, KKL1 

Pure East German Pedigree

Yiska x Zamborro G Litter

A very nice blended pedigree of East German, Czech and West working lines, we anticipate pups of good energy, with very good protection skills.   Noses will be excellent and pups will be suitable for a variety of working fields, including IPO, SAR, Canine nosework, Narcotics work, Herding, and other active working venues.

This litter is recommended for experienced handlers who are looking to work their dogs

and to offer them continued training in the owner's chosen fields of interest.  Males are recommended for experienced handlers experienced in working with 

strong drive and energy.   

3 Female and 6 Males born

Litter Born

July 22nd, 2019


1 Black Female 

(Gold Collar "GINA") 


Yiska von Schraderhaus



Yiska von Schraderhaus  

West/ Czech/ DDR-East German Pedigree 

Hips: OFA Good / ED Normal,  DM N/A


Yiska's sire is our Black Male

Mango Cerna Bohemia

OFA Good / ED Normal, DM Clear 

out of our Retired female

Aida Maestus

IPO3, FPR3, KKL1, 5CJU1/P, 

Hips and elbows 0/0 Normal, DM N/A

Aida is Daughter of the 

multiple 5 X World Team Competitor

Javir vom Talka Marda

#1 Stud dog in Germany for

Working Dogs 5 years Running...


Gold Collar Black Female


GINA von Schraderhaus


Puppy Evaluations



Males:  Bicolor Blue collar, Teal Blue Sable, then Blk green collar male,  green collar sable, red and turquoise sables all pretty equal

Females:  All 3 Females pretty equal in size


Males:  Black Green collar, blue bicolor, Red and green sables, pretty equal, turquoise and teal blue equal. 

Females:  Black females yellow and pink, then lavender blk sable fe. 

Friendly and Most Outgoing

Males:  Bicolor and black green collar males... then red, green and teal blue, 

then turquoise. 

Females:  Gold and lavender collars, pink close behind

Overall Drive

Males: Green collar Sable and Bicolor, black male, red sable and teal blue sables

all equal, turquoise 

Females: Lavender and gold equal... pink close behind. 

Best Nose

Males:  Honestly they all have excellent noses so it was hard to pick a standout... they were all "on it' when they were tested on the kibble puppy track... they hit on it quickly, and they stayed on it till every last piece of kibble had been picked clean. (See photo above left)

Females: All three have excellent deep noses, and are quick to pick up a scent.  

Best Hunt Drive

Males:  Staying to hunt the longest were

Red sable, teal blue sable, turquoise collar and blue collar bicolor 

Females: Lavender collar, gold and pink equal



Gold Collar Black Female (Left)


GINA von Schraderhaus


Pink Collar Black Female (Right)

GRINDELA von Schraderhaus

Schraderhaus K9 


Lavender Collar Sable Female (Left)

GILLIAN von Schraderhaus  

Schraderhaus K9

The Males

Turquoise Collar Sable Male


SOLD_Katie and Brandon Curp, Kodiak AK

Gerard Bodhi von Schraderhaus

Teal Blue collar Male


 SOLD_Heather Dunning, AR

Gryffon von Schraderhaus 

Red Collar Sable Male


 SOLD_Kasi Heim. in AK

G....  von Schraderhaus

Green Collar Black Male


SOLD_Stephen Aguilar, CA

Graphyte von Schraderhaus

Green Collar Sable Male


 SOLD_Cody Jordbakke, Canada

Grizz von Schraderhaus 

Blue Collar BiColor Male


 SOLD_Sheri Wohl,  WA

Garan Deuce von Schraderhaus

G Litter 3.5 wks old

Check out this great video

@ 15 Days old

Yiska x Zamborro G Litter 15 days old

Yiska x Zamborro "G Litter" 6 days old

Excellent Choice for a working pup prospects.

Yiska x Zamborro G Litter

2 Females and 7 males, here @ 3 days old