Sophi vom Grafental x Wacker vom Ludwigseck "C Litter"

Sophi vom Grafental


SG Sophi vom Grafental
BH, AD, IPO1 (92 /84/ 90)
Hips A1 / ED Normal
Pure East German Pedigree

Sophi x Wacker "C Litter"

Sophi was imported from Germany in whelp

to Wacker vom Ludwigseck.. 

This is a Pure East German Pedigree, 

and we anticipate medium high drive pups that

 are highly trainable and intelligent, 

athletic and have good working potential for a variety of work or sport.  

Pups were born on April 4th. 

Pup Colors are Solid Black, 

 Black Sable, & Bicolor.  

4 Males / 4 Females Born

Litter Is


Wacker vom Ludwigseck


V Wacker vom Ludwigseck
Hips A1 / ED Normal
Pure East German Pedigree

Puppy Evals...



Males:  Green and Tan Equal, Royal and Red Equal

Females: Orange, Pink & Peach Equal...purple close behind


Males: Green and Royal, Red, Tan collars

Females: Orange collar, pink and peach equal, then purple collar

Most Friendly /Outgoing

Males:  Tan collar,  Royal and Red equal, green 

Females: Purple, then peach pink and orange all equal and all very sweet 

Most Feisty / Most Drive

Males:  Green... Red and Tan Equal... Royal blue

Females: All Females pretty equal and all very sweet 

Best Nose

Tan and Red collar equal... Royal and Green Equal

Females:  Purple, peach.. all the girls have a good scenting ability

Most Hunt Drive

All pups have good noses... 

Males: Tan, blue, 

Females: Purple and Peach, 

Sophi "C Litter" Males

Green Collar Black Male


"  Comrade Captain Vasily Zeytsev  von Schraderhaus " 

SOLD_ Sarah Smith, CA. 

Tan Collar Sable Male


" Chief Loki von Schraderhaus "
SOLD_Joshua and Leeanne Duke, CA

Red Collar BiColor Male


" Conig  von Schraderhaus " 

SOLD_Victoria V., Washington

Royal Blue Collar Black Male


" Colonel Tito von Schraderhaus "

SOLD_ Rich and Nanci Quirk.. MA.

Sophi "C Litter" Females

Peach Collar Blk Sable Female


" Chaos  von Schraderhaus "

SOLD_Kurt Schwan and Family, WA

Orange Collar BiColor Female


" Christabella  von Schraderhaus "

SOLD_ Terri Lee, Renton WA

Purple Collar Dark Sable Female


" Cilla Honig Louise  Von Schraderhaus "

SOLD_Kelly and Andy , WA

Floresc. Pink Collar Blk Sable Female


" CASEY MIA  von Schraderhaus "

SOLD_ Samuel Feliciano, FL

Sophi x Wacker "C Litter" @ 4.5 weeks

 Sophi x Wacker C Litter @ 4.5 weeks.   

3 weeks of age

Sophi vom Grafental x Wacker vom Ludwigseck "C Litter"