Yulia x Mango "S Litter"

Mango Cerna Bohemia


Mango Cerna Bohemia
Czech x East German Pedigree
Imported from Belgium
Hips OFA Good /ED Normal  

Son of
Oskar Milberku 

Bora vom Domburger Land  

Mango x Yulia Litter

 This litter is 1/4 Czech & 3/4
DDR-East German working lineage.  
Pups will be of medium high drive
with excellent scenting abilities.
Good for family and home protection
as well as Sport.  
Yulia is one of our own offspring, 

born & raised right here at
Schraderhaus K9     
Colors are Solid Blacks and
Black Sable puppies.
Yulia had two gorgeous "Plush/Longcoats"
in this " S Litter.   
Litter Born August 14th, 2018

3 Males / 4 Females    

 "S Litter " is

Yulia von Schraderhaus


Pure DDR Yulia von Schraderhaus
 (Full Sister to our Hetja)
Hips OFA Good /ED Normal, DM Clear  

Dino vom Schäferliesel Granddaughter   

Daughter of 

 V Ivo von Hauental
Xenna vom Parchimer Land 



Yulia von Schraderhaus x Mango Cerna Bohemia

Yulia Mango Pup evals


Females: Black LC Purple collar female, Orange LC Sable Fe, Floresc. Pink, then Lt. Pink Sables
Males: Green, Royal Blue and Lt. Blue collars Equal.   
Females: Black Purple collar, LC Orange Sable, Lt. Pink collar and Florescent pink collar
Males:   Royal and Lt. Blue collars, then Green collar sable
Females: Lt. Pink and  Floresc. Pink equal, purple LC and Orange LC Equal.
Males: Green collar, Royal blue and Lt Blue equal
  Floresc. Pink female, Lt pink female, Green collar male,  
Females: Floresc pink and lt. pink equal, Orange and Purple LC collars equal.  

Males: Royal, Lt blue and Green equal,  

Females: Lt. Pink , Floresc. Pink, then Floresc. Orange LC and Purple LC equal.
Males: Royal , Lt. blue and Green Collar equal

The Females...

Purple collar Black LongCoat Female

SOLD_Katie Church and Family, VA.
"SAIGE  von Schraderhaus" 

Light pink collar Sable Female

SOLD_YongYee Yang, CO
"SIERA von Schraderhaus" 

Orange Collar Blk Sable LongCoat Female

SOLD_Jeanette Marshall, WA
"Si AMAHLE von Schraderhaus" 

Florescent Pink collar Sable female

SOLD_Stephanie Arthur, Longmont CO.
"SABRELLA von Schraderhaus" 

The Males...

Light Blue Collar black male

SOLD_Tom & Regina Searle, WA
"SAGE  von Schraderhaus" 

Royal Blue Collar black male

SOLD_Michael Roy, WA
"SIR VADER  von Schraderhaus" 

Green Collar Sable male

SOLD_Vaughn Crawford, TN
"SIR BLITZ von Schraderhaus"

The males... two black and one sable boy

Yulia x Mango S Litter @ 7 weeks

1/4 Czech & 3/4 DDR-East German Pedigree

S Litter 2.5 weeks old

"S Litter"_ Yulia von Schraderhaus x Mango Cernia Bohemia.. 2.5 weeks