Etta x Zamborro "V" Litter

Zamborro von Schraderhaus


Zamborro von Schraderhaus
Hips OFA Good / ED Normal, DM Clear
Son of
V Gero vom Wartenberg SCH1
V Tina von der Feuersäule, SCH1, KKL1 

Born September 14th, 2018

Pure DDR East German Litter
From two of our own offspring

Zamborro (Gero x Tina)
Etta (Ittiana x Dino)
This litter will be medium drive,
and will be excellent prospects for home and family dogs offering very good protection for the home.  Pups will have very nice substance and agile, athletic structure.  Highly intelligent, will be trainable for a variety of sport and working venue.

Solid Blacks and Black Sables.

5 Males / 1 Female

Litter Is

Etta von Schraderhaus


Etta von Schraderhaus
Hips OFA Good / ED Normal, DM Clear
Daughter of
V Dino vom Schäferliesel SCH3, IPO3, KKL1
Ittiana von Schraderhaus HIC,  PP 

Etta x Zamborro "V Litter" @ 7.5 weeks

Pure East German Litter

Pup Evals 7 weeks

In Order, left to right from Most to Least...
* DARKEST: Black Black male red collar, black female purple collar, Sables:Charcoal, Brown, Green and Royal Blue collars
*LARGEST:  Green collar sable male, Charcoal and Royal equal, purple collar female & red collar blk male fairly equal.
Purple collar female, Brown and Charcoal sable males equal, Royal, Red and Green males equal.
*HUNT DRIVE:  StandOuts:  Purple female, Brown, Green and Charcoal sables equal, red and Royal  collars equal..
ALL pups were very good in this category.    
*MOST DETERMINED:  Purple collar blk female, Green collar sable male, 

 , Purple collar black female and green collar sable male.
  Purple collar black female and green collar sable male equal, Brown collar sable, Charcoal and royal sable and red collar blk males equal.  All are very loving and people friendly.    

Etta x Zamborro V Litter, Afternoon mealtime

Feeding time 7 weeks "V Litter" pups

V Litter pups 6.5 weeks

Royal Blu collar Dk Sable male


 "Vali Von Schraderhaus"  
SOLD_ Vincent Velardo & Lyanne, NY.

Brown collar Blk Sable Male


 "Volento  Von Schraderhaus"  
SOLD_  Bessie C , Washington

Charcoal Collar Blk Sable Male


 "V  Von Schraderhaus"  
SOLD_ DeJane Kidder, Santa Rosa, CA

Black Female Purple Collar

"Vixen von Schraderhaus

"Vixen von Schraderhaus
SOLD_Gilbert / Lorissa Stoffels & Family

Green Collar Black Sable Male


"Val Draco von Schraderhaus"
SOLD_Keenan Manci, Alaska

Red Collar Black Male


"Voodoo Von Schraderhaus"
SOLD_ Lauren Abron, California

Etta x Zamborro V Litter @ 5 wks

Pure DDR / East German Litter   5 Males (1 Black,  4 Blk Sable)  &  1 Black Female

Etta x Zamborro V Litter

Pups @ 2.5 Weeks of age