Sherman Tank x Nikita Litter

Sherman Tank von Schraderhaus

  Sherman Tank von Schraderhaus

Pure DDR, Mahogany Sable
Hips OFA Good / ED Normal,
DM Clear
Son of
V Lux vom Kameruner Eck  SCH3
Ittiana von Schraderhaus  PP, HIC 

Litter Born April 2nd, 2018

Pure DDR East German Litter
2 Males / 4 Females


Nikita von Schraderhaus

  DDR "SG" Nikita von Schraderhaus,
 CGC,  Hips SV: A1 / ED Normal
DM Clear
Daughter of our
V Lord v.d. Grauen von Monstab
SCH3, KKL1, A1
V Elfie vom Klödener Riss
SCH3, KKL1, A1 

Puppy Evals @ 7 weeks

Best Noses

Females: Orange and Purple equal, then Pink and Peach equal
Males: Royal Blue & Light Blue pretty equal

Darkest to lightest

Females: Pink collar, Orange collar & peach collar pretty equal, purple collar
Males: Royal Blue, Light Blue collar

Largest, 1-6

Females:Orange collar female, Peach Collar, Purple collar, Pink collar
Males: Royal Blue, Light Blue collar (only slightly smaller)

Drive_Highest to lowest

Females:Pink collar & Purple collar pretty equal.. Orange and Peach Equal.  Pups have very uniform drive,
Males: Royal blue, then just behind him is light blue.   

Overall Assessment

These pups are robust and have good substance and very nice heads and nicely placed and vertical earsets.  They like people,  and enjoy interacting with you when they are out and about.
In play, they are social, friendly and agreeable with their siblings.  

        Pups Choices made are:
Royal Blue Sable male...Brent C., Edmonds WA

Lt Blue Sable Male...Hallie R., Joliet, IL
Pink Collar sable female ; Leo M., Lawrenceville, GA
Purple collar sable female  James F., Kirkwood, Missouri

Peach collar sable female...   Marge and Ben W., Rainier, WA
Orange Collar Sable female... Jed W., Petersburg, AK


Litter Photos

Newborn photo 1

Newborn photo 2

24 hr photo 1


24 hr photo 2


6 days old 1

6 days old 2

1 week old


Females_12 days old 1

Females_12 days old 2

Males 12 days old

M Litter_15 days old

M Litter_15 days old

3 weeks... girl-boy-girl-girl-girl-boy

Nikita x Tank Litter @ 3 weeks of age

All pups are Sable in coloration.  


3 weeks of age

Males @ 3 weeks

Females @ 3 weeks

Females @ 3 weeks

M Litter @ 3 weeks

M Litter 3 weeks

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Nikita x Tank M litter @ 4 weeks

Nikita x Tank M Litter @ 4 weeks of age