Uriel x Nikita I Litter 2019

Uriel vom Grafental




 SG Uriel vom Gräfental 

BH, AD  Hips A1 / ED Normal 

 DM Clear, MDR1 Clear,   

Standard Coat / carries for Long coat,   Carries Black Recessive   

Sire:  V Apache von der Fuchsaue   SCH2, IPO3  

Dam:  V LGZS Biene von Gräfental  SCH1 

100 % East German DDR Pedigree  

Black Sable 

Pure East German Litter

A Pure East German Litter, this litter 

is a beautiful pairing of East German 


We expect very good scenting ability, good protection for sport or for family and property protection .  Males  will be suitable for experienced working handlers who are adept at handling a strong minded and alpha male.. 

Litter Anticipated

September 25th, 2019

Currently Accepting 


Nikita von Schraderhaus



DDR "SG" Nikita von Schraderhaus,  
 CGC, Hips SV: A1 / ED Normal DM Clear
Daughter of our
 V Lord v.d. Grauen von Monstab  
SCH3, KKL1, A1
V Elfie vom Klödener Riss
SCH3, KKL1, A1