Qui Che' x Zamborro "X Litter"

Zamborro von Schraderhaus


 Pure DDR
Zamborro von Schraderhaus aka Zambo
Hips OFA Good/ED Normal
DM Clear

Son of
V Gero vom Wartenberg
V Tina von der Feuersäule

Pure DDR-East German Litter

Pure DDR East German Litter..
From two of our own offspring..
Zamborro (Gero x Tina)
Qui Che (Hetja x Lux)   
This litter will be upper medium drive, with a good off switch., making excellent prospects for home and family dogs,  offering very good protection for the home.  
Pups will have very nice substance and proper working conformation with an agile, athletic structure.   Highly intelligent, pups will be quick to learn and possess a trainable working attitude for a variety of home and family interests as well as a diverse potential for a multitude of sport and working venues.

5 Pups Born
November 9th, 2018
2 Males / 3 Females

Qui Che' von Schraderhaus


 Pure DDR
"Qui Che' von Schraderhaus"
Hips: OFA Good/ED Normal
DM Clear

Daughter of
V Lux vom Kameruner Eck
Hetja von Schraderhaus



LARGEST:    Females: Purple collar sable, then Lt.Pink sable and Fluorescent Pink blk female equal.   Males: Green collar sable & Royal Blue Black males qual.      
DARKEST:     Females:  Fluorescent pink black female, then purple collar sable and  Lt Pink sable female,  Males: Royal Blu collar black male, then Green collar sable male

MOST DRIVE:    Females: Flor. Pink collar blk female and Purple collar equal,  then light pink collar sable Males: Green collar sable,  and then Royal blue collar black male almost equal.    
MOST FEISTY:     Floresc. Pink collar black female and Purple collar sable female,   

BEST NOSE:    Females:  Floresc. Pink collar black female, purple collar sable, lt pink collar sable female

Males: Royal blue and Green collars equal,  

BEST HUNT DRIVE :   Females:  Floresc. Pink black female,  Males:  Royal blue and green collars equal.  

"X Litter" @ 8 weeks

2 Males / 3 Females

The Females @ 7 wks

Lt Pink collar Sable Female


"Xanna von Schraderhaus" aka Anna
SOLD_Holli R. , Spokane, WA

Dk. Pink Collar Black Female


"Xi Rio von Schraderhaus" aka Rio
SOLD_Ray and Michelle P, FL. 

Purple Collar Sable Female


"Xi Lola von Schraderhaus"
SOLD_Bill and Theresa L., Stamford CT. 

The Males @ 7 wks

Royal Blue collar Black Male


"Xion von Schraderhaus"
SOLD_Reagan V., Post Falls, ID>

Green Collar Sable Male


"Xenon von Schraderhaus"
SOLD_William R., Salt lake City, UT

Pure DDR Litter/ Qui Che x Zamborro

3 Females / 2 Males

2.5 days old

X Litter 2.5 days old

"X Litter" @ 24 h rs old

Qui Che x Zamborro X Litter, Pure DDR Pedigree