Denzi x Sherman Tank "B Litter"

Sherman Tank von Schraderhaus



Sherman Tank von Schraderhaus
 Hips OFA Good/ ED Normal, DM Clear

   Full Brother to our
Eli von Schraderhaus

 Son of our late
    Lux vom Kameruner Eck

  Ittiana von Schraderhaus 

3/4 DDR & 1/4 West German


A Great working pedigree, this litter is a  combination of 3/4 East German and 1/4 West German working bloodlines.  We anticipate pups of medium high drive with very good hunt drive, good ball drive, and who love to interact with their people.     

Males will be strong in temperament, suitable for handlers with dog experience, having worked around and trained dogs with strong character.  Very good noses for scent work including nosework, SAR and tracking.  Females will make good home companion and family protection dogs. Males from this litter are recommended for experienced working dog owners, and are not well suited to first time GSD / Working dog owners.

Litter Born March 20th, 2019

2 Male / 3 Female
All Pups are dark Sable 

Female Pups 

Currently Available


Denzi von Schraderhaus



Denzi von Schraderhaus
 Hips OFA Good /ED Normal, DM Clear

Narcotics & Apprehension trained   

Daughter of
   V Lord v.d. Grauen v Monstab
 Yumi v Floriansbrunnen