Bali x Sherman Tank Litter

Sherman Tank von Schraderhaus

Son of our own two East German favorites, Ittiana von Schraderhaus x Lux vom Kameruner Eck


 Sherman Tank von Schraderhaus
Hips OFA Good/ ED Normal
Full Brother to Eli von Schraderhaus
Son of our late
Lux vom Kameruner Eck

Ittiana von Schraderhaus 

Litter Born August, 2018

 An Excellent Working Litter
This pairing will produce medium - medium high drive pups w/ beautiful structure and substance.  Well suited for experienced Handlers for use in K9 Nosework, Service and Therapy Work  / Medical Alert Use, SAR, Home & Family Protection dogs and
Schutzhund / IPO Sport..   Very good prospects for Narcotics/Cadaver work.  Scenting ability, ball and hunt drive will be high in these pups. 

Strong and well rounded pups
with excellent temperament,
well suited for active dog-savvy homes and sport and personal protection.

4 Males / 4 Females Born
All pups are dark black sable

Currently Available !

Bali von der Burg Stolpen

"V" Bali von der Burg Stolpen
Hips A1 -ED Normal

Daughter of
V Kosta vom Haus Iris

V Alfy aus dem Schmetterholz-Rudel