Hadelka x Mango W Litter

Litter Is Fully Reserved

 A repeat breeding, from the motherline this pedigree is West German/East German working lines;
From the Sire's side he brings in East/ Czech working lineage.   
This will be a medium high drive litter, excellent working potential for all sort of working venues
including IPO, Apprehension and Narcotics work, SAR, Herding, Agility and competitive obedience,
with excellent scenting and tracking ability.   Natural Protective instinct will be high as well.  

5 Males, (4 Bicolor and 1 Black)
5 Females, (2 Bicolor and 3 Black)


Mango Cerna Bohemia

 Mango Cerna Bohemia,
Solid Black
Hips OFA Good, ED Normal, DM Clear
Imported from Belgium as a puppy,
Mango is the son of
Oskar Milberku


Hadekla von Schraderhaus

 Hadelka von Schraderhaus
Hips OFA Good / ED  Normal, DM Clear
Hadelka is the daughter of our
SG Aik vom Brachtpetal , BH, AD, IPO1
SG QashMirr von Schraderhaus ZVV1

Hadelka is granddaughter of
 Javir vom Talka Marda  


Largest to Smallest

Females:  Peach Bicolor and Lt Pink black female equal.. purple collar female, floresc pink blk female & orange collar black female pretty equal.
Males:  Red bicolor and charcoal blk male equal,.. royal blue, light blue and green equal. 

Darkest, in order..

All Black pups are the darkest...
Then: Females... Peach BiColor, Purple Bicolor
Males: Red collar &  Lt Blue bicolors equal.. then green collar, then royal blue collar bicolors

Most outgoing

Females: Lt Pink black female, purple and peach bicolors equal, orange and floresc pink black female equal
Males: Lt Blue, Green collar, Red Charcoal and Royal collars equal, 

Most Feisty and alpha

Orange collar black female,

Best nose to first catch scent

Females: Orange collar black female, purple bicolor, peach collar bicolor & lt pink black female equal, then floresc pink black female
Males: Royal & Green bicolors equal, Lt. Blue, Red bicolors and charcoal black male all did well and are equal. 

Best Hunt Drive

Females: Orange collar black female..Purple collar female, Peach collar bicolor and light pink blk fe equal, then floresc. pink ,  

Males:  Royal and green collar bicolors equal, Lt Blue bicolor, Charcoal black male and Red Bicolor equal, , 

Females 7.5 wks

Purple collar Bicolor female


"Wynter von Schraderhaus"
SOLD_Elena and Alex M., WA


Fluorescent Pink Collar 

Solid Black Female

Wreeta von Schraderhaus 

Is Available

Peach Collar Bicolor female


"Wicked Kool von Schraderhaus"
SOLD_Carla S., Texas

Floresc Orange collar blk fe


"Winni  von Schraderhaus"
Sold_Yuriy Y., Snohomish, WA

Lt Pink collar blk female


"Wrula von Schraderhaus"
SOLD_Dillon P., Tillamook, OR

Floresc Pink collar blk female

"Writa von Schraderhaus"

 "Wreeta von Schraderhaus"
SOLD_Ron and Deb S., WA

Males 7.5 wks

Royal Blu collar BiColor male


"Woolfgang von Schraderhaus"
SOLD_Chris Kranz Boise ID

Males All Sold

We are in the puppy choosing process
 at this time and will know very soon  which males are available.  

Red Collar BiColor male


"Waylin von Schraderhaus"
SOLD_Jenny F., MI. 

Lt Blue collar Bicolor male


"Wrookie von Schraderhaus"
SOLD_Kacy O., Oregon

Green collar BiColor male


"Wesson von Schraderhaus"
SOLD_Sarah Romanski,  FLorida

Charcoal Collar blk male


"Wolfen von Schraderhaus"
SOLD_Rachael C., Florida

W Litter Males @ 8 weeks

5 Males... Charcoal collar is black male, bicolors are red, green, royal and light blue collars... 

Mango x Hadelka pregnancy confirmed

@ 30 days... 8 for sure, possibly 9.    (then she had 10! )