Kileen x Camaro Litter

Camaro z Pat-Pan

 Czech /West German Working Lines
"VD" Camaro z Pat-Pan
Bonitačný kód :   5CX5/55P 
CZ: Hips 0/0  / ED 0/0 Normal, DM Clear

Son of
 SG Akrim z Karpatského dvora
VD Hena Ben-Ju  

VD Camaro z Pat~Pan  

Imported from Czech Republic
Schraderhaus K9 Stud Male
Bonitačný kód :   5CX5/55P 
CZ: Hips 0/0   /ED 0/0 Normal
DM Clear

Hena Ben-Ju son,
Camaro z pat-pan  Camaro 8 mos

Tracking    Pics in Video

Obedience 1   Obedience 2   Obedience 20 mos  Obedience 30 mos

Agitation / Muzzle Work

Litter Born June 25th, 2018

The R Litter Kileen x Camaro Pups have now reached 6 weeks of age.

ALL SOLD PUPS should now be fully paid for, as per terms of contracts.  

Owners who's pups are not fully paid for at this time, , including shipping charges if applicable, risk loosing their pup and forfeiture of their deposit.


An excellent working litter pedigree consisting primarily of Czech and Slovak bloodlines, these pups will have high drive and will be well suited to experienced dog handlers who are knowledgeable in raising and training dogs with strong working temperament and drive.  These pups will be excellent prospects to excel in upper level IPO Sport and Ring competition, as well as all types of scent work such as SAR, Canine Nosework and Tracking.

4 Males / 8 Females born

Currently  Available

Kileen von Schraderhaus

 Kileen von Schraderhaus
Hips  OFA Good /ED Normal, DM Clear

 Kileen is the granddaughter of the well known stud dog  Norbo Ben Ju ,  

Born and bred from Slovakia...Norbo Ben Ju was a well known stud in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

He was a 6 X World Competitor,  earning Multiple SCH3 titles, and was proven to be an integral and important contributor within the breeding program
in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Kileen is the
Daughter of our

Norbo Ben Ju son,
Norbo von Schraderhaus
Eina von Schraderhaus 

The Males @ 7.5 wks

Drk Sable Male Royal Blu collar

Royal Blue collar sable male
SOLD_  JD Jackson, Long Beach, CA
Rogue von Schraderhaus

Evals on the boys at 7.5 wks Most to least

* DARKEST: Blk male, green collar sable,  royal and mint collar sables equal,

* LARGEST: Mint collar sable, Royal blue sable, Green collar sable & blk male equal

*SCENTING ABILITY: Green Collar sable, Mint and Royal collar sables, Black male

HUNT DRIVE: ALL pups were very good in this category.

Mint collar and Royal collar equal, then green collar sable and blk male equal

* DRIVE:  Royal Blue, Mint and Green collar sables equal, Black male

Solid Black Male Charcoal collar

Charcoal collar black male
SOLD_Choice Pending

Dark Sable Male Green collar

Green collar sable male
SOLD_Choice Pending

Kileen x Camaro Boys

Dark Sable Male Mint Collar

Mint collar sable male
SOLD_Choice Pending

Kileen x Camaro pups romp time

Excellent working prospects, high drive, good off switch and highly intelligent for training. Will have very good scenting ability and hunt drive. 

R Litter 6 weeks old

Pups at feeding time

R Litter 4 weeks old....

 Czech and Slovak Pedigree, pups are strong and very active.
4 Males / 8 Females,       Born June 25th, 2018           FEMALES Available

Kileen x Camaro R Litter

Czech x  Slovak Pedigree, 2 weeks of age

R Litter 3 days old

Kileen x Camaro pups... 4 Male / 8 female.  Colors of Solid Black, Black Sable, and BiColor blk/tan
              Currently Available:  
                                          7 Females / 0 Males

Kileen with her 3 day old pups

This is an excellent Czech / Slovak Border Patrol working pedigree from two excellent working line parents.  Our female Kileen is one of our own progeny, from our "K" litter with  

Norbo von Schraderhaus
Eina von Schraderhaus