Kileen x Camaro Litter

Camaro z Pat-Pan

 Czech /West German Working Lines
"VD" Camaro z Pat-Pan
Bonitačný kód :   5CX5/55P 
CZ: Hips 0/0  / ED 0/0 Normal, DM Clear

Son of
 SG Akrim z Karpatského dvora
VD Hena Ben-Ju  

Litter Anticipated June 25th, 2018

An excellent working litter pedigree consisting primarily of Czech and Slovak bloodlines, these pups will have high drive and will be well suited to experienced dog handlers who are knowledgeable in raising and training dogs with strong working temperament and drive.  These pups will be excellent prospects to excel in upper level IPO Sport and Ring competition, as well as all types of scent work such as SAR, Canine Nosework and Tracking. 

Kileen von Schraderhaus

 Kileen von Schraderhaus
Hips  OFA Good /ED Normal, DM Clear
   Norbo Ben Ju Grand-daughter
Daughter of  
Norbo von Schraderhaus
Eina von Schraderhaus