Title Options = Requirements Full Registration Upgrade


Ju Rondo von Schraderhaus


Video of Ju Rondo von Schraderhaus at trial

Earns his Brevet  @ 14 mos
2nd place in trial with 93 out of 100 pts

 Solid Black MALE from our J Litter 

(Italo zet Eurosportu x Biscaya Moravia Campanella)

Ju Rondo is Owned by Joel Tan, CA.  

They are training and competing in Ring Sport

Below are the Title Options & combination choices for Schraderhaus Pups which were sold with Full Registration option, required to meet full registration upgrade requirements.  

  This list supersedes previous list of Title Options for Upgrade to Full Registration.  

** (One MINIMUM LISTED TITLE OPTION COMBO is required for upgrade to Full Registration)

                        ** This IN ADDITION TO Hip and Elbow Xray Requirements

Choose *one of the required title combinations listed below for fulfilling upgrade requirements for complying with lifting Limited Registration to Full Registration Status, on our Schraderhaus Pups, which have been purchased with FULL Registration.


* Novice Obedience and  PT Herding Title, or higher

* Tri Combo:  CGC Urban, BH Title & Agility Novice title

* Tri Combo:  CGC Urban, AD and  OB Open Title

* Tri Combo: CGC Urban, BH, and  AD Titles

* Agility Open Title with Certificate, and Novice Obedience Title

* Rally Open Title with Certificate, and Novice Obedience Title  

* Flyball Title Certificate- Open Class, and also BH and AD Title

* Dock Diving Title Certificate- Open Class,  and BH and AD Title

* BH and  IPO1 Title (Tracking/Obedience/Protection)

* BH and  IPO Obedience Title Certificates & AD Title

* BH, AD and IPO Obedience  Title Certificates

* BH and AKC TD Tracking Title Certificate

* BH and IPO FH Tracking Title Certificate

* French Ring CSAU and Brevet Titles

* French Ring 1 Title or higher

* SAR Written Certification w passing completion for Trailing, Cadaver, or Water Recovery

* Novice Obedience Certificate and Completion of Canine NW 1, 2 or 3 title

* NW1 Canine Nosework Title (or higher) and with ORT1, ORT2, & ORT3 Certificate titles

* TR1 and  FH Tracking Title Certification (or higher)


Hip and Elbow Requirements

Positioning Your Dog for xrays

** All Schraderhaus Puppy Owners must watch this video PRIOR to having your pups xrayed

     for Hip Ratings submitted to OFA / or the SV in Germany. 

    The importance of Precise Positioning for OFA Radiographs

    Learn the importance of Precise Positioning for OFA radiographs.
   I can't stress the importance of this ENOUGH !