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Oxy x Zamborro K Litter


Pure East German litter 


"V" Oxy von Weltwitz    

BH, AD, IPO1, (95 94/90)   

Hips A1 /ED Normal, KKL, 

HD: SV A1 / ED Normal, DM Clear    

Oxy's mother is our 

retired female, V Isy von Weltwitz  

BH, AD, IPO3    

Sire of litter is our Gero son,

Zamborro von Schraderhaus

Litter Born

October 16, 2019

3 Males / 2 Females

All are Dark Black Sable

Currently Available



Nikita x Uriel "J Litter"



A Pure East German Litter, 

Nikita is the daughter of our 

"V Lord von den Grauen von Monstab 

 "V" Elfie vom Klödener Riss 

This litter is a beautiful pairing of

Pure East German Bloodlines.

We expect very good scenting 

ability, good protection for sport, 

for family and property protection .

 Males will be suitable for 

experienced working handlers

who are adept at handling a 

strong minded and alpha male.. 

 Litter Born

September 24th, 2019   

7 Males / 3 Females

 Black & blk sable. 


1 Male / 1 FEMALE  

Phyre x Mango "H Litter"



Czech / East German Litter  

out of our

V Gerry von Weltwitz  daughter 

Phyre von Schraderhaus 

(Gerry x  Tina


Mango Cerna Bohemia

(Oskar Milberku son)

Pups are black sables

& Solid Black

Litter Born

August 30th, 2019

 4 Males / 3 Females

Currently Available

1 Female /2 Male

Qui Che x Uriel "E Litter"


 Pure East German litter  
out of our female 

Qui Che von Schraderhaus
 daughter of our DDR Stud
  V Lux vom Kameruner Eck, SCH3.  

Sire of Qui Che's litter is our
DDR Male  
SG Uriel vom Grafental
Litter BORN

July 15th,  2019   

Blacks and Black Sables

We have 

3 black longcoat females 

in this litter




Yiska x Zamborro "G Litter"


Yiska von Schraderhaus
West/ Czech/ DDR-East German Pedigree
Hips: OFA Good / ED Normal,  DM N/A

Yiska is grand-daughter of the Renown

Javir vom Talka Marda

Yiska's sire is our Black Male

Mango Cerna Bohemia

OFA Good / ED Normal, DM Clear
out of our Retired female

Aida Maestus

IPO3, FPR3, KKL1, 5CJU1/P, 

Hips and elbows 0/0 Normal, DM N/A

Aida is Daughter of the Renown

multiple 5 X World Team Competitor

Javir vom Talka Marda

#1 Stud dog in Germany for

Working Dogs 5 years Running...


Litter BORN

July 22nd, 2019

1 Black FEMALE


Yulia x Uriel "I Litter"


    Pure East German Litter

out of our DDR female

 Yulia von Schraderhaus   

(Full Sister to our Hetja)  

Hips OFA Good /ED Normal, DM Clear  

Dino vom Schäferliesel Granddaughter   

Daughter of 

V Ivo von Hauental  

 Xenna vom Parchimer Land 

Sire of Yulia's litter is

  our DDR Male 

   SG Uriel vom Grafental 

   Expect Pups of Solid Black

 and black sable in color

Litter Born

September 13th , 2019

8 Females / 3 Males Born

PUPS are


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Watch for New Litter Postings


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