Asha x Sherman Tank Litter

Sherman Tank von Schraderhaus

 Our Pure East German Stud "Tank"
Sherman Tank von Schraderhaus
Hips OFA Good/ ED Normal, DM Clear
Full Brother to Eli von Schraderhaus
Son of  Lux vom Kameruner Eck
(Grandson of Lord vom Gleisdreieck)
Ittiana von Schraderhaus

Litter Anticipated Late December 2018

Pure DDR East German Pedigree, these pups will be medium high drive and offer very good potential for use as sport dog for multiple working venues, as well as for home and family protection,  and will have very good scenting abilities.  

We expect all pups to be
black sable in color.

Asha von Schraderhaus

  "Asha von Schraderhaus"  
Hips OFA Excellent, ED Normal, DM Clear
Pure East German
Schraderhaus K9 Female
Asha is daughter of our DDR Stud
 V Lord vd Grauen v Monstab  
"V" Hera vom Klödener Riss