Hetja x Sherman Tank Q Litter

Sherman Tank von Schraderhaus

 Pure DDR, Mahogany Sable
Hips OFA Good / ED Normal, DM Clear
Son of
V Lux vom Kameruner Eck  SCH3, KKL1
Ittiana von Schraderhaus  PP, HIC 

Litter Born June 3rd, 2018

4 Males / 3 Females

Pure East German Litter, Hetja and Tank are two of our own progeny born and raised here at Schraderhaus K9.   Pups will be medium - medium high drive with good off switch, who like to interact with their owners and are quick to learn. Highly intelligent and athletic, pups will be suitable for scentwork, agility, obedience and sport competition, and offer good home protection for families.  All pups are Dark Mahogany Sable / Black sable from this pairing.  

One Female Currently Available !

Hetja von Schraderhaus


Hetja von Schraderhaus
(Full Sister to our Yulia) HIC, HCT
SV :Hips A1 /ED A1 Normal, DM Clear  

Dino vom Schäferliesel Granddaughter   

Daughter of our  
V Ivo von Hauental  SCH3, KKL1
Xenna vom Parchimer Land  SCH1, KKL1