Bali x Sherman Tank 2019 "A Litter"

Sherman Tank von Schraderhaus


 Pure DDR
Sherman Tank von Schraderhaus
Hips OFA Good/ ED Normal
Full Brother to Eli von Schraderhaus
Son of
Lux vom Kameruner Eck

Ittiana von Schraderhaus

Litter Born Feb 14th, 2019

A repeat mating from our very
successful first pairing of these two,
this litter sports a
Pure East German Pedigree.  

Bali is granddaughter 

of our DDR stud,
Lord von den Grauen von Monstab..
We imported Bali from Germany
for our facility in 2016.

Pups from this pairing 

are all
black sable in color.  

1 Male / 2 Females 

Litter Is 


SG Bali von der Burg Stolpen


Bali von der Burg Stolpen
Hips A1 -ED Normal
Daughter of
V Kosta vom Haus Iris


V Alfy aus dem Schmetterholz-Rudel 

Bali x Tank "A litter" Kids 8.5 wks

Pure East German Pedigree

"A Litter" 7..5 weeks of age

Pink Collar Female


Darkest of the two females, also the largest, this female is bold and outgoing.  Likes people, and has a very good nose for scentwork.

"Ava Luna von Schraderhaus"

SOLD_Mark Francis and Family, Seattle

All Pups are SOLD

Peach Collar Female


Most outgoing and people friendly of the two girls, but both of these girls like people and she is a bold and confident female.  Also has a good nose for scentwork. 

"Axie Von Schraderhaus"

SOLD_Anisha Vinjamuri, Seattle

Green Collar Male


Very nice substance, will be a very dark black sable as adult.  Largest of the three pups and the only male.  Outgoing friendly and confident temperament with a good nose. 

"Andy von Schraderhaus"

SOLD_William Bennett, GA