Retired Dogs ~ Available for Placement

Indy.. 3 year old female Is Available


A lovely and exuberant female, Indy has very good energy and drive. She is a larger female, and would be a great prospect for nosework.  She is a loyal and friendly companion for her person, and she is a very good watchdog for home and perimeter area for larger properties and will deter most any unwanted intruders. 

Indy is Spayed 

Contact Jean for more info... 

About our adoption requirements..

We prefer that our females can go into homes primarily to be the "only child" of the dog population within their new family.  

While this is not set in stone and we consider 

each  application for adoption on a

 case by case basis, our belief is that in

 general most adult females don't always

 integrate well into homes with other females,  particularly young females, as well as 

resident females who still remain intact. 

Most resident males who live in the retiring

 home can usually accept a new female as a buddy, but our main goal is to place our 

retiring girls into a home that they can relax in 

and enjoy their new homes and environment, 

 free of stress or concerns about injury.

Denzi_Our Retired breeding female


Contact us for more information if  you have interest in adopting this
very sweet and active, athletic female.  

Denzi has been spayed... 

(Adoption Pending ...) 

Hetja_Available for placement


A very sweet and active female, Hetja is a good family dog and suitable for children ages 8 and up.  She would be most suited to a farm lifestyle with some room to explore and take walks with her owner.   Hetja is spayed.  

Contact Jean for more info... 

About our females...

Contact us if you are looking for a quality 

middle aged retiring dog that is mature

 and settled down, has had training,  and 

will integrate nicely into a new forever home...

 to give you great peace of mind 

for security of your family, home and property. 

Other Available Retiring females


Check back with us frequently for additional retiring dogs that are looking 

for their forever family.


MACE has been Adopted !


 Male, Solid Black  DOB 06 /30 / 2017  



Additional information

  " MACE von Schraderhaus "

Pure DDR~East German Pedigree

Male, Solid Black, Neutered
DOB 06 /30 / 2016

Parents are: 

DDR Hetja von Schraderhaus
V Gerry von Weltwitz, IPO3, FH2, A1

has been adopted!