Qui Che x Uriel "F Litter"

SG Uriel vom Grafental


Pure DDR Pedigree
 SG Uriel vom Gräfental
BH, AD, Hips A1 / ED Normal
DM Clear, MDR1 Clear,  
Standard Coat / carries for Long coat,   Carries Black Recessive   

Sire:  V Apache von der Fuchsaue  

Dam:  V LGZS Biene von Gräfental 

100 % East German DDR Pedigree 

 Black Sable 

Pure East German Litter


This is a Pure East German Litter Pedigree.

We anticipate pups of  medium high drive with very good hunt drive,  good ball drive,  very beautiful and correct working structure, and pups with high intelligence and willingness to please...pups who  love to interact with their people.      

Males will be suitable for handlers well experienced with having worked with

  and trained dogs with strong character.      Very good noses for scent work suited for working venues including canine nosework, SAR & other tracking  venues.       

We May get Longcoat pups in this litter 

Expect Solid Blacks and Black Sables. 

 Litter anticipated

 July 15th 2019  

Qui Che' von Schraderhaus


  Pure DDR Pedigree
"Qui Che' von Schraderhaus"
Hips: OFA Good/ED Normal DM Clear  

Daughter of
V Lux vom Kameruner Eck
Hetja von Schraderhaus  

Solid Black