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If you are interested in a more settled adult, one that has had training and is already well past the potty training stage from that of a new puppy... please check with us about our females that have been retired from our breeding program..., or to talk with us about what we may have coming available in the near future.  These dogs will give you years of devotion and loyalty, and offer protection for the home and family.  

When we are retiring our breeding females, our primary goal will be to insure that our girls have a healthy and secure permanent home with their new people.  We want this to be our girl's forever home with their new special person... one who has the time and love to give to one of our lovely girls.  They are still active girls with many types of personalities so we like to talk with our prospective owners to insure a mutually beneficial placement.   

We don;'t place our retired dogs into homes with other multiple dogs residing there.  

We don't place our girls into homes with other female dogs, whether they are intact or spayed.     

WHile it's not the ONLY criteria, we love those homes where "our girl will be their one and only", and will be the special dog in the home.  

However, homes with one male dog that is accepting of a new family member, preferably a male that is neutered...  can often be an acceptable buddy for our girls.  

Each situation is different.   We would want to talk more with you about your own unique situation, so our girls will be a good fit into their new home with their new forever person.  

There is a small adoption fee of $200.00, and all animals will be neutered before going to their new homes.  


  We have planned litters that are born in the spring and late summer months throughout the year, so please contact us ahead to speak with us about what your goals are with your potential Schraderhaus puppy.  

  It is important for us to match you with a suitable pup for your needs and that is a good fit with your experience level.   

Evanka & Evita~ Qui Che x Uriel E Litter

Born July 15th, 2019

Parents are Uriel vom Grafental 

Qui Che von Schraderhaus

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SOLD~ Wreeta von Schraderhaus

Congratulations to New owners Ron and Deb S of WA.

  A repeat breeding, from the motherline this pedigree is West German/East German working lines;  From the Sire's side he brings in East/ Czech working lineage.    A very attractive female with a very nice structure, Wreeta is an upper medium drive female, with excellent working potential for a variety of working venues  including IPO, Canine Nosework,  Narcotics work, SAR, Herding, Agility and competitive obedience,  with excellent scenting and tracking ability.   Natural Protective instinct will be high as well.  

Czech/East/West Working Lines, Click link below to view parents